2019 Driver Registration

An Early Driver Registration Form is available on the following link. It would sure help if the drivers would fill this out in the next couple of weeks.


 Also, another thing we want to do for this upcoming season is have a podium for the top 3. After the checkers of a feature race and the claim procedure is done, we would like the top 3 finishers get out of their cars to get on a podium for a picture. Many motorsports races honor the top 3 by being on the podium. Jim Scott will not come down to interview the winner but he will be announcing the podium drivers and their sponsors. This gets more drivers involved in the post race festivities and hopefully speed the program along.

Under the fan info tab on the website, there is a driver profile tab. Please fill this out as Jim can get info including sponsors. Just as sponsors are important for the track, it is important for each race team. If you have already filled out a profile last year and there are changes, please let Brian know. 402 841 9910 or signor@telebeep.com

There will be podium stickers to be put on the cars if you wish and we might do a podium standings for the end of the year.