A note from the Promoter

A sponsor has come forward and we are going to pay $100 to start the A- Feature in the Sport Mods. Check out the purse under the team info tab.

Race fans, there will be a new feature on the Speedway. This weekend the Late Models and Sport Mods will be going topless. There have been many races at other venues that have done this unique look. Drivers, this will be mandatory, every car needs to be the same so no advantage is given.

A huge quarter drop for the kids at intermission on the front straightaway. At least 2000 quarters and maybe more, thanks to the Haase family. 

Late Models, Sport Mods, Hobby Stock, Stock Cars and Sport Compacts will be going for the 1st place trophy. These trophies are provided by the family and friends of Tyson Freeman.

We will be doing a parade lap prior to racing in Memory of Bob Haase and appreciation of what the Haase family has done for Norfolk area racing.

An earlier start time was initially advertised but we decided it may have been too short of a notice. Regular start time of hot laps at 7:00 with racing starting at 7:30. Drivers, it has been said before, but the late arrivals cause a lot of chaos. Lineups are being put together and posted on the board and website. Having to change lineups tick off your fellow drivers and most of the time the criticism is directed unfairly towards race officials. Things can happen to cause you to be late and in the case of these circumstances, you certainly can call ahead to inform us of your intention of being there.  Very much appreciated by everyone.