A Note from the Promoter

Rules for the Cruiser Compact class. 

Reminder-this is a fun class and cars must stock as it comes from the factory. Hopefully a way for beginners to get into racing. The rules below are preliminary and if any suggestions please let Jeb Dunklau or myself know.

Thanks, Jerry

  1. Window nets required both sides of front side windows.
  2. Racing seats recommended on both sides, not required
  3. Factory seat belts may be used across waist and shoulder-4 point harness recommended
  4. Fire extinguisher mounted between driver and gas man-required
  5. Doors must be welded or chained shut
  6. Hoods and Trunk lids must have pins
  7. No gutting of car other than interior
  8. All window glass must be removed
  9. Must have windshield bars in front of both driver and passenger sides. Recommend screen 4 inches apart and 4 on each side
  10. 1 inch lug nuts may be used when using steel wheels
  11. Any FWD 4 or 6 cylinder passenger car only. No supercharger or turbo.
  12. All 6 cylinder engines must be 3.8 liter or less and must run without #1 plug wire connected
  13. Stock shifter only.
  14. Gas pedal moved to passenger side, no more than 20in left of right door structure
  15. Battery may be remain in stock location or moved to the rear passenger side, within an approved battery box.
  16. If gas tank is located behind the rear wheels, it must be removed and replaced by a fuel cell and placed in rear seat area. Must be strapped down and fuel lines covered.
  17.  Suspension-no altering or adding any supension parts. Must be completely stock.
  18. All tires must be the same size and and what the car would have come with new.
  19. 4 point cage, can gut front doors.
  20. 1 rear seat bar 1/4 in thick and minimum 3in wide.
  21. Example-3in or larger tube or  3in I beam or channel iron.Must be weled/ bolted or both.
  22. Seat must be tight against back bar-Required.
  23. 1 halo bar from rear floor weith 4×4 plate @ bottom and halo must extend out of car and over the roof. Must be welded/bolted or both.
  24. Door bars or kickers allowed inside or outside.
  25. Option- standard roll cage smilar to compact class can be installed.
  26. All airbags must be removed.
  27. Claim will be added later