A Note from the Promoter

The OffRoad Speedway schedule is being amended by situations out of our control. As of right now, we can not start our racing season until after May 6th according to to State directives, due to the Coronavirus. It does appear though, we can have practice. We will still have to follow guidelines as far as social distancing is concerned. In the past we have had practice nights where the fans could come into the grandstands for free. Unfortunately we can not do that this year. Only those that came with the driver and paid for a pit pass will be allowed into the facility. Cars and crews will be asked to pit at a safe distance away from each other and stick to the social distancing protocols. The general parking area will be used in conjunction with the pit area to stage the race cars to allow for good distancing.

Checking into the pit shack- we ask that one car at a time check in with Robyn and Theresa. Checking in will be done at a window and we will make sure it is posted. There will be no pit passes for anyone randomly walking up and wanting in. Must be with a race team. Please try to be early so Robyn and Theresa can go up to the scoring booth at 5:30. To help with the check-in for practice, drivers please follow this link to let us know your intentions. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVKLInQpZfNUf5lQOZSVVViWMZ_lxJ38NV9Sm2IhWB1imdTg/viewform   A FaceBook link will be utilized and also the scheduling of practice sessions per class can be done by using this info.

We are looking at the April dates of the 18th and 25th. May 2nd is also a possibility depending on cancellations and/or  interest in doing another practice night. The OffRoad Speedway conditional use permit allows us to start at 5:30 and that is the plan as of now. This could change as we go forward. All classes will be practicing on any of the practice dates. $20 pit pass per person on the first practice night.  $15 pit pass on any additional nights.

Track personnel, such as Flagmen, Safety, Scoring, Track prep, Wrecker, Entry and registrations will be on hand. No teching or inspections but the scale will be available. Please fill out the OffRoad Speedway registrations online by following the link provided at the bottom of this post. If unable to pre-register online drivers can fill out forms at the practice nights. This will save a lot of time and hassle when we do get to opening night of race season.

All safety rules will be adhered to and Raceceivers will be required. Please have transponders hooked up and/or charged. This will be a great time to test these devices and the track system. Also drivers will have access to their lap times. 

Concessions will not be available at the track.

Everything can change and we will do our best to keep everyone informed.