A note from the Promoter

The OffRoad Speedway has been given the green light to practice April 25th. We are allowed to follow the practice schedule and procedures that I-80  Speedway used for their practice this past weekend.

There are few changes we need to make but it will not affect the safe practices that we need to follow.

-The 1st practice session will go into the pits the usual way. Arrive at the Pit shack, one team at a time to sign in and pay.

-The 2nd session will stage in the General Parking area and sign in at the Admission Shack.


This sign-in procedure eliminates the congestion that would surely happen in the RV park. And would allow Robyn to be at the scoring booth and come down to check-in the 2nd session.


Pits will be clearly marked out, basically, every 4th pit will be used. First come first served on pit spots. We can not save pit stalls because of the different sessions and the fact 3 out of 4 will not be used.


Once the Pits are cleared from the first session, the 2nd session cars will be allowed into the pits.


Please have transponders connected/charged for practice for timing and to prepare for the upcoming season. If needing to purchase a transponder please call Brian at 841-9910. Also-Transponders will not be rented out for practice.

Robyn’s number , 841-2378. Please contact if running late on Saturday.


Practice day procedures are being finalized and we will let everyone know the details as the week goes along.


Any questions please message or call. Jerry: 402-841-0165, Robyn: 402-8412378, Brian: 402-841-9910



OffRoad Speedway Practice April 25th

Rules for Practice

  • Practice will be held at OffRoad Speedway with 2 time slots available.
  • Up to 4 people allowed per team this includes the driver
  • Teams will be parked 35 ft apart, every 4th pit stall will be utilized.
  • Fans will not be allowed in the grandstand area. If you are not listed with a team you are not allowed in.
  • Teams are not to congregate out of their pit area and practice safe social distancing while in the facility.
  • All trash surrounding your area must be cleaned up prior to leaving the premises your team will have 30 minutes after conclusion to leave the premises.
  • Waivers will be signed at the pit shack and General admission shack. One person per team will be allowed at the shacks to pay for your teams and must bring their own pen to sign the waivers. Minors release forms will need to be filled out if under 18.
  • When checking in at the shacks prior to your practice session, there will be a limit of one race team at a time
  • Session 1 will be 5:00 to 7:00- Late Models and Sport Mods (with some exceptions)
  • Session 2 will be 7:30 to 9:30- Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks (with some exceptions)
  • Check in for session 1 will be 3:30-5:00 at Pit Shack
  • Check in for session 2 will be 6:30-7:30 at General Admission Shack
  • The track will be prepped and fire/safety will be on the premises
  • Practice sessions are subject to minimum number of participants, sessions may be adjusted.
  • Practice payment can be made at the track.