OffRoad Speedway Racers

At the OffRoad Speedway we have started a tradition at the end of a Feature race. We want to recognize the top 3 finishers and ask them to stop on the front stretch. The podium is a tradition in motorsports, and when the top 3 stop, Jim Scott will announce in order from 3 to winner. To get everyone’s information correct we are asking drivers to update their information on the driver profiles tab on our website. Besides getting it on the OffRoad Speedway website, Jim will announce your sponsors, crew or any pertinent info out to the crowd. A podium picture of all 3 will then be taken for our following weeks program and the newspaper. Podium stickers will be given out to the drivers with their checks. We want to do something with the podium points at the end of the season. So if anyone not stopping for the recognition and picture will not get their points awarded. This will be for all regular classes and any special races throughout the season. If unable to get info to us by website please email Brian at so we can get an updated database for Jim to use during race night.