Practice Night

 Practice night is scheduled for this Saturday(April 6th) at 5:30. As of right now it is a 50/50 proposition. As most know, we can get races in even if we have rain on a Saturday morning. Problem now is the high water table but with a little luck, no rain and drying conditions, we should be able to get practice in.

The late winter thaw and frost, along with the flood has left us with a short window to get things ready for opening night on the 13th.

So for this Saturday’s practice, pit passes will be $15 and grandstand admission will be free. Mark will have Scott’s Smoke Shack providing the usual race night concessions and the bar will be open.

There are things we need to get done for opening night and if anyone wants to come out and help prior to practice it would be appreciated. Flood debris is around the track and in the pits, along with work on the new bleachers. Also we need to get a bunch of help to get the south bleachers back on it’s railroad ties.

Tonight we got the bar stocked. I know right, pretty important! With four ladies and a guy we also got a lot of the new bleachers put together. Also, Robyn Pospisil and Theresa Hawthorne was out doing training on the My Race Pass scoring program this afternoon. An important feature is the driver profiles. Please get it entered on My Race Pass and also on the website. 

Thanks to Marla Signor, Taylor Bretschneider, Tracy and Angela Kruid for tonight’s help.

Will keep everyone updated on what is going on.