Situation for May 23rd and beyond.

 Everyone here at the OffRoad Speedway did what we could to get a race in for this weekend. Jerry was on the phone constantly. Kevin was in contact with our Senator and Brian sent emails to the Governor’s chief of staff. Robyn and Shannon did their part for registering. Track prep crew was working diligently. Mowing and weed eating was being done. Staci had set up workers and Mark was planning on opening Scott’s Smoke Shack. As of yesterday, the word we got was if we race this Saturday, we would be shut down for the rest of the year. This threat could very well be the harshest penalty in the country. So maybe we did make history in that respect.  

Going forward, this weekend and next, we are planning a practice and drivers will need to preregister for these practices. If there is not enough to fill out the sessions, we may have to cancel. The one change we want to make is the number allowed with each car. It will be up to 10 including the driver. So that also will make a difference on whether or not we will do practices. We will be starting with the registration list of last weeks rained out practice. Those that were on it and want to be removed and those that want to be added, please let us know. Can do it online or call Robyn at 402-841-2378 

Scott’s Smoke Shack will also participate in the practice by providing a limited menu to those attending practice. Mark will also be taking orders on takeout. So if you want your racetrack food a couple of weeks earlier, please call or text him at 402-649-2646.  Details on the menu and getting your food picked up at the track will be posted later. If you come out to pick up your food during practice please observe the distancing guidelines set out by the Governor.

The good news from the Governor’s press conference today is that it appears racing can start at the OffRoad Speedway on June 6th. Fans can attend at a 25% capacity. The social distancing guidelines will need to be observed and as we get closer to D-Day, we will post the procedures and what needs to be done to follow such restrictions.